Due to Chicago’s weather extremes, exterior paint deteriorates over time. Exterior painting / staining is a necessary maintenance issue not only to keep your home looking nice, but to protect your investment. Paint provides your home with a protective barrier from the elements. Bare wood or metal will deteriorate, or rot, quickly without the right primer and paint coatings. This will result in costly replacement or repairs. Weathered cedar siding will dry out over time and warp. Exterior painting / staining of your home should be a part of a regular maintenance schedule. General schedules for the Chicago area: Exterior paint jobs last 5-6 years. Cedar siding stains generally last up 4 to 5 years. Wood decks should be re stained every 2 years. JET Restoration & Painting Inc. provides the latest application and product technology from the most respected brands. But great products are just the beginning. Our application experts will examine your home and prescribe a complete solution that fits neatly within your budget, dramatically improving on your home’s esthetics and maintenance. Exterior Process Every good exterior paint project start with a good power wash to remove any dirt or contaminants. In the event that we are working on previously painted wood trim, we will scrape any loose paint and feather sand the edges. We will then spot prime any bare wood with alkyd primer and caulk any joints as needed. Then we prefer to apply two full coats of paint to accomplish a long lasting paint job.

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